Great service is a must

And I’ll tell you why…

I’m in the service world.  Technically, we all are..but that is for a later time.  When I work, if I give bad service, then I lose business.  When I lose business, I lose money.  When I lose money, I don’t get to do the things I want to do.

Are there enough I’s in there?  Are you following me on this?  Why don’t you replace “I” with “You” and you’ll get my point.  Sure, I’m affected, but I’ve also learned to provide incredible service so that I don’t lose out on what my main focus is.  It used to be that you could do whatever and get away with it.  Or may that’s too extreme.  Customer service didn’t have to be the best.

With so many options, cheaper solutions, or companies that will go above and beyond, if you don’t stand out from the pack, you die.  Loyality does not exist anymore.  That was also because there are so many more choices that just making a decision is overwhelming.

Later, I’ll tell you about an awesome experience I had with

Seriously!  What do you do to stand out?  Do you have someone purchase your good or service and then give them exactly what they asked for?  Do you skimp to make a slightly higher profit margin?  Or are you the type of person that gives them even more then they paid for or thought they were receiving?

If you are of the first two, then I venture to be you won’t be around long.  Or much longer.  Because the next chap is going to exceed your service level and earn their business.  So, hasta.  Don’t fret.  It’s not too late.  You still have time to make a change and turn things around.  Look at all the companies that have done that.  Apple was essentially a failure until they did.  But that’s an entirely different blog.  Because their change wasn’t in the service category.

I suggest that you begin being the person that everyone refers to as the “going the extra mile” guy or gal.  That’s much better than they were good.  Or I got what I paid for.  Or worse, I got ripped off.

I’ll give you an example:  I have Time Warner Cable.  I’m sorta forced to.  I hate them.  And I don’t hate anyone.  So maybe hate is the wrong word.  But I strongly detest them but have to deal with them due to their service being the only one in the area.  So, I have 2 places and so service in both homes.  Granted, my types of service are different but similar, but I’m paying a good $25 more on one then the other.  I called yesterday to find out why my bill was so high and the first customer service lady was super nice and helpful, but her hands were tied and couldn’t do anything.  But she tried.  A great attempt at fixing the problem.  But when her manager got on the phone it all crapped the bed.  Basically, I got, well, there’s nothing I can do for you so tough.  To which I replied (knowing the call is recorded), “I want you to know that due to your lack of service towards a long standing customer YOU personally have lost a Time Warner Cable customer”.  And in two days, I will be cancelling my service and replacing it with a Roku or Chromecast stick.

What did I want?

I’m not someone that expects to be handed everything.  I didn’t’ expect her to move heaven and earth.  What I did expect is for something to be done….even as a consolation.  But that’s what I do.  That’s how I win.  And if they keep doing what they are, then sooner or later they will hit the tipping point and it will all crap out them….or I hope it does.

On another note, one great service that stands out to me was the time I went on a boys night excursion.  We rented a limo for the night and man was it awesome.  The ride was smooth and tight.  The driver was kick ass and provided us with a ton of “ammenities” we didn’t expect.  Not only that, they showed up early and kept us out late, without an extra charge.  So those are the minor points, but also, they knew all 6 of us by name and used them through the night.

Not sir’s.  That was a cool touch.

Also, having used them before, the remembered certain preferences of mine and made sure to accomodate us.  We also smoke cigars on our journey to Crazy-ville.  In the car waiting were a 6-pack of nice Havana’s, a cutter and 3 ashtrays.

There’s more, but I think you are getting my drift.  See, we got what we paid for and more.  And guess who I’ll be calling or referring whenever I need a limo or driver somewhere?  That’s right, the guys at Santa Clarita Limo Service.  They over deliver EVERY single time and have earned my business for life.

And my point of all that is this:  You can get more on a one time deal, sure.  But when you earn business for life, that’s loyalty.  And empires are built on that kind of stuff!

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