How to win an important negotiation?

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 1.51.13 PMAs a girl, I believe it is my birthright to win each and every negotiation. It doesn’t matter if it is logical, or with a service officer or on a personal level, I have to win it. Oh! It doesn’t mean that I have anything against boys, or that boys do not win any negotiations. It’s just that “negotiations” are best handled by us girls. And no, I am not being biased here. Men are equally talented and I, personally, am into them (if you know what I mean).

Now back to the topic again. Negotiations! We all have felt the need to negotiate at almost every turn of life. It may be our salary or the cable bill or a simple car mechanic, we negotiate more often than we realize. What we need to keep in mind are some simple techniques that can make us really good negotiators and help us in maintaining our personal economy as well.

  1. The first and foremost thing to remember is that never, I repeat, never reveal your cards. Always save the ace for the end. If you go directly in front of them and present before them all you have, then all of it loses its importance. The “Ace” is better taken out when nothing else works. Leave them gob smacked with your last card and ultimately win the game.
  2. A bit of pretense would do no harm to anyone. Be lame. Make them feel powerful. They will think that they can easily take over you and would shed down their defenses in front of you. And when you see them lowering their guards, surprise them. It is like, “Hello! I am not that dumb, and I can argue just fine”. This will leave them with no answers and you will win the negotiation easily.
  3. Another thing that could surely help you in all your negotiations is the ability to listen. A negotiation is always two sided. The other person will also have something to say. Listen to them, and let them come out in the open. We must remain quiet, stoic and calm. They will soon use all their cards on us and when they have nothing more left to display, we were put our best offerings in front of them to render them speechless.
  4. Negotiations are not that difficult to handle once you are well prepared. More information means more knowledge on how to tackle different situations or people, which could be used to win the negotiations.
  5. Last but not the least, it is very important to appear as if we have nothing to lose. I mean, have you ever seen a needy man winning? Your confidence and collected attitude will make you stand out. By proving that we have nothing to lose, we appear to be stronger, which helps us in bending the negotiation in our favor.

Let me just say this…I was in a recent sales discussion with a company about building a pool for our place.  We’d go back and forth.  They wanted this, I wanted that.  Finally, I had to be willing to walk away from the entire deal to get what I want.

And you know what, I did.  And because I did, I ended up getting exactly what I wanted.  So here is a shout out to Scottsdale Custom Pools for being great at what they do and for also being great negotiators.

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