Woohoo!  You’ve made it to the one place that isn’t like any other…except that it’s like a blog and it’s on the internet…

Okay, so it’s likely more like something you’ve seen before….but, you’ve never seen FFMU Shop before!

That’s a fact.  Because it didn’t exist like this until just this moment.  It’s my new venture.  Without the venture.  I am not selling you anything here.  But I will teach you some skills on how to sell.  Does that sound good?  Nice. Because at the end of the day, we’re all salesmen.  And don’t get upset ladies, I just don’t wannt have to take the time on every post to make sure everyone is taken care of.  I’m equal opportunity here and don’t have any sort of bias.  I’ve learned some of my greatest skills from my wife!

Yup…married and happily off the market.  That’s a side note.

Back to why we are all salesPEOPLE.  Each and every day we interact with people.  On the phone, internet, in person (weird that this one was last now)—and there’s an communication.  Things go on.  People want things.  You need things.  Judgements are made.  Observations. Opinions.  All this goes on.  So, whether you like it or not, you are always and forever will be selling yourself.

Do they want to be buying YOU?  That’s the question to ask.  What I’m saying is that you need to start becoming acutely aware of you and your presence.  Me?  I’m intense.  I have a high energy and I say what’s on my mind.  It can rub most people the wrong way.  That’s because I’m in a group that’s not of the majority.

Now, nobody can ever say I didn’t tell the truth or I wasn’t honest. But because most people don’t want that, then it doesn’t serve me and my needs.  That’s where what I’ve learned and studied come into play.  By taking the time to learn about humans and how they interact with others, I’ve found that I can manipulate myself into what I need to be for them.  

I’m not perfect.  I am fallable.  So, while I’ve mastered these skills, there are times when things go amiss.  Here’s a good thing to consider.  Rather then trying to do it ALL the time.  Why not do it MORE OFTEN THEN NOT?  See, whatever you attempt, if you are successful more often then not, then you’re in an incredible place for growth and change…maybe even transformation.

If you’ve been doing the same thing for years on end and want a new outlook and new result, then you have to find someone who can teach you these new skills.  Because you don’t have them.  And that’s okay to admit.  I didn’t have them either.  Until I seeked out those who did and learned from them.

When you master getting to know people and what they need, and how to give it to them, then you control your destiny.

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get”   -Gary Player