A little about me.  I’m a person.  Duh.  The name’s Wally.  And I’m not as dorky as the name gives off.  I’m always fighting that battle.  Wally?  Really?  Who names their kid that?

My parents you A-hole.  And where did you get to think you are so stellar because your named Charisma.  Ugh.

Let me ask you this.  Did you play collegiate sports in a D1 school?  Do you own your own company? Can you go out and buy just about anything you want when you want?  Oh, you can’t.  Then shut up!

Thank you.

Yes, I know.  My reservation for Bitter Party of One is ready.

I’m not really mad.  Although, it does get annoying.  Maybe you can relate to this…you introduce yourself to someone, “Hi, Wally, nice to meet you”.  And they go, “Hi Wal, nice to meet you too”.

Ummm, did I say I was one of the four things that create a room?  NO!  My name is Wally.  That’s what I said, so call me that!

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